Scope of the Fair - Rubber Industry Fair

Automotive Seals, Automotive Tires, Seals, Rubber Diaphragm, Filters, Rubber Piping, Rubber Hoses, Rubber Couplings, Rubber Pulleys, Belt, Conveyor Belt, Rubber Seals, Rubber Sheet, Mushroom Seals, Silicon, Spray Foam, Styrofoam, Foam Rubber, Suspension, Floor Covering Materials.
Autoclaves, Hot Air Tunnels, Calendars, Internal Mixers, Mills, Moulding, Extruders, Chillers, Press, Injection Moulding Press.
Abrasion Meter, Elasticity, Etu, Rheometer, Shoremeter, Tensometer, Viscosimetre, Density Determination Kit.
Synthetic Rubbers and Latex, Natural Rubbers and Latex, Accelerator, Activator, Flame Retardants, Antioxidant and Antiozonant, Dyes, Cross Linking Agents, Dispersing Agents, Natural and Synthetic Resins, Inhibitors, Rubber – Metal Adhesive, Odour Repellants and Aromas, Blowing Agents, Metal Oxides, Plastifiers, Process Aid, Reinforcement Powders and Functional Fillers, Vulcanisation Chemicals.